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Thread: Pangolin quick show problem

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    Default Pangolin quick show problem

    Hello experts at laser shows,

    We had a problem at the Quick show. I sent Pangolin email and post on their website on Monday. They only replied, "Could you take a couple of pictures" I sent videos and no answer till today. 5 days.

    I am using Quickshow, (the product print says FB3QS... 058405.) When I scan dots on wall, I find that there is a dash after every dot when scanning rate is more than 17Khz ppt. I check the output of the quick show using an oscilliscope and find there is 5us coming-on and shuting-off delay at every signal pulse. I think that is the reason. When the scanning ratio is lower than 17K
    , the dash after dot is not evident. Higher than 17K, there is dash, I can change the transfer point between 1 to 10, the dash can change from behind to both ends to before, but not removed.

    Look at the picture below. They should be dots, but now they are dash's after dots
    Do you have experiences of this problem. Would someone help me to solve it? How should I set the QS?

    Thanks in advance.

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    In the settings/projector settings there are several opions under "scanrate" and "Vector display settings" It looks to me that your problem are related to the Anchors setting. Try to set the proper scanspeed that your projector/galvos are tuned for, and fiddle with the settings.

    I bet someone will ask you to post a picture of the ILDA test image. It will tell the story of what to adjust.
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    Change the blanking shift setting

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