Just added the Zorn "Baby" flashlight arrow pointer to my collection of pre-laser pointers. The lion's share of the lights I have are based on this body, made by the German company Rowi. Apparently they not only sold their own branded devices, but they provided bodies (painted in this case) to other companies to add their own heads to hold the projection lens.

In the case of Zorn, I found the whole range of sizes. The "Senior" uses three D-cells, and includes a belt clip, boat switch with plastic momentary-on button, and an anti-roll feature on the front of the head. The "Junior" runs on two D-cells but is otherwise the same as the "Senior". Both of these have metal heads with cut-outs for diffuse plastic windows. When the pointer is set on its nose as shown, a black shield inside the head falls forward and allows diffuse light to illuminate the table around it. This feature is common to all three Zorn designs. The "Baby" uses two C-cells, includes the anti-roll feature, but it has no belt clip, the switch is a very simple sliding button, and the head is all plastic.

Don't know why I like these old pointers. I started gathering them for illustrating an article about the development of laser pointers, but now I can't stop. There's not too many of them, so that's good. And I always liked flashlights, and these apparently tickle that spot in my brain.

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