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    Okay, since my lame ass didn't realize there was a dated deadline, the Pirate themed laser show I started to make didn't go to it's intended recipient... I've been playing around with Laserboy's "optimization" routines to get some of these borderline images under the 1200 point count... Some of these images look good on my projector, some don't (remember I still have the lame 20k scanners)... SO... I'd love it if some of you guys could check out what I've done so far, and see how these look, even if you have 20k scanners lemme know... Some images that should have lines and curves are coming out more "circle" like... Anyway, would appreciate some feedback...


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    Anybody download this yet??? Anybody? Buehler? Buehler??

    Come on man I need some feedback!!! Want to finish this thing...

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    OK. I looked at it. It looks like there are only a hand full of unique frames with some LaserBoy frame effects for animation.

    I would suggest looking for double outlines on your art. There are a lot of them. Look at the trunks of the palm trees, the Sun, the horizon, etc as an example.

    You can delete all the verticies inside of those double lines.

    In menu 'k' when you hit [backspace] whatever vector end is under the spider (the 8 legged thing] will be deleted. Be careful. There is no undo. Save your work. Move the spider with the ] or } key.

    A safer way to do it is to select a series of vectors you don't want with the egg and the spider and blank it. If you goof up you can just as easily unblank it. Once you get all the stuff you don't want blanked out, you can minimize the frame and all of the blanked out stuff gets reduced to just the necessary blanking.

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