Hello all!

I have recently-ish changed my medium of research from gas/ion, to solid state. More specifically, diode-pumped solid state.

My one main setback is decent quality mounts made for DPSS. I have plenty of decent mounts that cover coarse X/Y adjustment. I've also got a 44cm rail and 3 sliding carriers so I have some control over Z pending what's mounted on them. Though I have 2 more coming in shortly, so in theory I should have coarse X/Y/Z covered all around.

Though all of my mounts are meant for larger optics. They work fine with gas and ion because I am dealing with a single external mirror. I have all the room I need to do the adjustments I need. DPSS? I need to fit 3 mounts + optics in a 35-50mm cavity. The large mirror mounts I've been using are simply too large and clunky.

The additional issue is the lack of rotation, pan, and tilt. I also lack the mounts to effectively mount any required crystals. The vanadates and doubler crystals require a bit more than coarse XYZ adjustments. With a touch of human ingenuity, I can make it work. I have the vanadate mounted fairly well, and the diode barely passes for "good".

As for mounting the doubler, I can kinda-sorta mount it. I have a way to rotate it, though not while mounted. So I can get close to 45 degrees and call it good 'nuff.

The OC, and HR (if the vanadate isn't already HR coated) can be mounted just fine in my current mounts. XYZ works fine for them.

So really .. What I really need are some good mounts for vanadates, doublers, and diodes. I'm not really worried about fiber, and if the time comes for that, fiber mounts are fairly common online. Though quality DPSS mounts are either unlisted, or very scarce.

If you have quality mounts, I'd love to know a price, and their specs

Or, if you've got a lot of work in the subject, I'd love some assistance designing some mounts. I know that I will be (eventually) making a run to a local-ish metal working/CNC. When I bought my Melles Griot 643-PYRB whitelight, it came mounted on an ~80x25cm aluminum plate. I'd like to take it to a local shop and get it drilled and tapped for 1/4-20 with 1" spacing. A nice optical breadboard that came with an already cheap (~$165) ArKr.

So if we can get a good design down on paper, I can maybe get some mounts made with the breadboard (price pending).

Lastly!! If you know of a good source for DPSS quality mounts, feel free to let me know! As long as at the end of the day (not literally) I have a good set of mounts, I'm happy. Regardless of the source

Thank you for your time and help!!