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Thread: Ilda pattern size aid

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    Default Ilda pattern size aid

    Greetings. As I settle into a long weekend of tuning scanner amps for the group buy, I got tired of measuring scan angles.

    This is for those using the ILDA "A" Test Pattern. This is not for those using the newer ILDA "B" test pattern.

    If printed on a reasonably accurate printer at 1:1 , the attached PDF is an Eight Degree Square at 100 centimeters from the center of the galvo mirrors. There is a small amount of error from the PDF conversion process. Your printer will most likely, add an additional small error.

    The printed central circle does not correspond to the diameter of the scanned test pattern circle. It is only an Aiming and Centering Aid!

    If you are from the Metric world:
    The square should be about 139 mm on each side and held at 100 cm.

    If you are a American:

    The square should be 5.48 inches on each side and held at 39.3 inches from the scan head.

    I would always suggest using the test pattern at a much longer distance then 1 meter. This is a simple sanity check that fits on a A4 standard piece of paper.

    Usual disclaimers apply, and Trigonometry is not my strong point. I have checked this against a sine bar calculator and Pangolin's scan angle web page.

    When I have more time, I will clean up this post and explain the use of this in regards to the pattern. I'm retaining copyright, for now. Please do not repost globally. I will also create better labeling in the PDF.

    And Yes Boys and Girls, "RedBoard" scan amps are shipping. Three went out today.

    See Attached PDF

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SCALING-ILDSMALL.pdf  

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