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    Default DIY RGB Laserprojektor

    DIY RGB Laserprojektor


    green laser modul 532nm 100mw

    Wavelength 532nm
    Output Power >100mW
    Power Stavility(20-30C) <10%
    Beam Diameter at the apertue <1.5mm
    Transverse Mode TEM00
    Warm-up time <2 minutes
    Beam Divergence Full Angel <1.2mad
    Operating Power Source 12V/1A
    Opearting Temperature 15-40C
    Expected Lifetie >5000hours

    blue laser modul 445nm 500mw

    Wavelength(nm) 445nm-450nm
    Output Power(mw) 450mw-550mw
    Input Voltage(v) 11V-13VDC
    Operating Mode CW
    Cooling Mode FAN
    Transverse Model Near to TEM00
    Beam Diameter at the Aperture ~6mm
    Divergence,Full angle(mrad) <=4
    Power Stability(RMS/4 hrs) <5%
    Operating Temperature(?) -10~+35
    TTL/Analog Modulation Yes
    Laser Head Dimensions(L*W*H) 30mm*30mm*60mm
    Expected Lifetime(hours) >5000
    Weight 0.2KG

    red Laser modul 650nm 500mw

    Wavelength : 650nm
    Optical Power: <500mW
    Power Supply: 12V DC
    Warm-up Time: <15 minute
    Operating Lifetime: >5000hrs
    Operating temperature: 10 - 40 C
    Modulation: TTL 0-30kHz
    Laser Head Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 100mm
    Beam Characteristics Diameter: 2.0mm, Divergence<1mrad, Spot roundness >90%

    Galvos with cards 20Kpps
    Components Part: Scanners head, Driver board, Cable, Mount, Power supply ,a show card and Binary board

    Dicro filter with holder
    RGB laser systerm lens holder/frame /2pcs in a pack
    RGB laser systerm combine optical lens /RGB dichroic filters/2pcs in a pack

    evering works and is tested
    this should had been a project but ther is no time for it.

    Picures on demand
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