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Thread: Elation Sniper - multi effects and laser emulator

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    Default Elation Sniper - multi effects and laser emulator

    Unveiled at the BPM show in Birmingham just gone. Apparently its an laser emulator amongst other things. Wonder if anyone went and saw it?

    I know James Stewart went, but I asked him if anything interesting and he said not much. Maybe he didn't see it.

    Certainly as a lampy myself, it introduces some interesting new effects into the rig. No, it's not going to replace lasers, but it certainly seems to inject some 'instant rave' vibe with the slow scan rate.
    Frikkin Lasers

    You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?

    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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    Looks like it replaces the old Lightwave Research Emulators which used a 650w Xenon lamps focused through a pinhole to get the narrow beam. That design was very inefficient, but these new Philips lamps are much better at tight narrow light beams.

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