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Thread: NEW LENS from AixiZ- ( and other items) LQQKY

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    Default NEW LENS from AixiZ- ( and other items) LQQKY

    hello from Dr Chuck at AixiZ and Hak

    NEW LENS from AixiZ-

    So far all tests have shown this single glass element (brass lens nut)--lens to be broadband AR coated- SO aside from 400-to-450nm- this may be a great choice for other colors--

    'Gadget' Kev got a 5% increase in power(445) over the standard 'G' lens (G2 or G9)- And
    'Jay' (Houston)found his A2 lens sample to be only 1% lower than the 40$ G 2series avoid confusion between these two sources and the GB sources and the 'No -Like' version I am calling these A2 (for AixiZ) they are $8 each- and the best way to order and MAYBE get free shipping is to order at

    .....or just call Chuck on his personal cell at 713 240 4929- best to be on-line at the webstore( between 9am and 11 am weekdays -central time) and be sure to check out ALL the new items as you may save on shipping with a bigger order-- catching my eye was the several 'sockets' for diodes eliminating the need to solder the pins- great for testers..

    (REMEMBER Laser Bugs??) and making for quick replacement or the addition of a Lasorb ( also at aixiz) one even has 20 inch long leads (3 wires ) attached- these were made for the 5.6 can but MIGHT work for 3.8 and/or 9mm and C mounts too.

    If not listed (now)AixiZ will have some optics- and a nice MM1 mount with ez adjustment by hand. So at the store check 'new items' & laser accessories'-

    AixiZ still has the ~30mW green 515 nm module ready to use-(~5vdc)driver is potted inside a standard 12X30 AixiZ module-- I have run one for more than an hour with n/ps-

    bit of info

    Both AixiZ and Jordan (DTR) have had many issues with Greedbay and Scamazon- & Pay(too much)Pal afaik both like us to avoid using any of these- I suggest asking them which way to pay is best-for THEM--

    There is NO need to worry about paying these two great sources for what they sell- saving them a small % comes back to us in the form of better prices-(or offers of free shipping)- Most are so used to paying by PP that they have become complacent--and are only thinking about an eazy/lazy way to pay that costs nothing when in reality we DO pay more to vendors forced to use PP--

    I have been asked (again) to do a Group Buy for these lenses BUT AixiZ pretty much gives us GB prices and there is not much left to offer us aside from free shipping -the last two GBs for 'G' took a LONG time to finish (& of course we had to pay upfront & wait) and the savings, while great, compared to other G lens prices was in line with the AixiZ prices today for even just one lens--

    JETLASERS has some now and will be giving me the results of using this lens for the now highest power 9mm Blue diodes making 3 W-( AND all lasers they make)- so I think those building a big blue may want to try these lenses--

    I can still get any forum friend a discount on QS or Beyond--
    just PM me--

    IF you are looking for VERY tiny lasers for your RC aircraft AixiZ has many including a 1mW red that is likley the world's smallest laser module. (AFAIK an exclusive AixiZ item)
    AixiZ has tiny 405s also-at ~5mW- and R/G modules that make a line too.

    here is link to new hybrid scanners- that AixiZ had made from hand chosen parts while they were in China- so these 30K are NOT excatly like any scanners one can find==
    see them here:

    I do see a difference between the pic at AixiZ and the scanners I took to show at SELEM- the pic does NOT show the very nice mode screen-( thus no dippy dip switches) I will check this out to be certain.

    here is the lens link w/ specs

    I will confirm asap how well this new lens works with green diode lasers as well as the reds--

    but ATM this is what I expect--
    AixiZ Multi-Band AR Lens 400-700nm single element
    [AD-9GL-MFL] at ONLY $8 each-(atm less than 200 in

    here is just one of the new sockets

    And here--

    If you were going to bin diodes having one of these would be very very helpful

    this version has 20 inch leads( these came from laser printers-

    ONLY $4.50 each

    last item ( not really new)

    If you want to surround/protect your 12x30 module and $$ diode in a HUGE 4+ounce chunk of Al. here is one FS at $18.95 each (which were custom made for a buyer)-- the fit is NEAR perfect- but for added security it has a set grub/screw and IIRC comes with the right allen wrench too

    standard 1/4th threaded holes on the bottom one inch center

    IF you have need for one made differently PM me & I will find out the cost for them--

    and i had one of these at SELEM- wanted to demo at the Lumia session but time ran out-- sorry

    this is the smallest ('store bought')12vdc RGB/white module i have ever seen-- you could put more than one inside a small case- For Lumia I was amazed- I kinda expected to see white laser Lumia but it was MANY colors including white--

    I have one here with me- If a member(vet) wants it and will do a fair and honest testing review I can send ONE CONUS for actual cost to ship (CONUS only please) and $99 usd- (If you insist on PP add 4%)- it has been only used a very few times- I would say less than 2 hours total- still under warranty--

    BTW it has TTL for R-G-B and White-- and takes 12vdc-- so great for a port-a-lumia--IF you can source a vdc slo motor- I had no luck finding one - The Hankscraft 1/2 rpm that Greg likes (me too)
    is never found cheap - but being able to reverse is cool- however being able to adjust the speed on this motor is the bigger draw for me--at 1vdc it runs less than 1/10th rpm and as you add power the RPM increases- thus you could adjust on the fly to go better with your Lumia music-- I will host a GB for these if interested AND if I can find a decent source- slowing with gears is a PITA IMO--

    so for me i will stick with my SShed 1/3 rpm AC motors and have many here in stock as well as many kinds of Lumia glass- flat (cut round and edges ground to your specs- from 1 inch to 3.75 inches) or Texas size torture tubes and nice lumia light bulbs too- I will be soon having 'Rhode Island' size tubes EXTREMELY tiny for very small Lumia PJs--

    V/R hakzaw
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    This board is easy as a breeze to set up. I had been looking for something like this for a long time and I am glad that someone in our own backyard sells it. This, in conjunction with the "speed controller", will allow me to cue up every aspect of my lumia (speed, color and brightness), straight off Beyond cues. I shot a brief video of the board in action. The jumpiness of the blue has nothing to do with the DMX board, I just need to adjust the 0 bias on the driver. The DMX console is a cheap one too.

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