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Thread: Equinox kamikaze diode hlp

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    Default Equinox kamikaze diode hlp

    i have noticed the green in my equinox kamikaze laser is getting dimmer slowly, i would like to replace it with a new diode
    are they easy to replace, and where do i source one, and the right one for it.
    this is what i have read - Laser diode: 1 x 60mW Green (532nM) DPSS laser
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    You will need an entire new green head (at minimum) and you'll find most of them end up coming with a driver and power supply as well. If you can't contact the original manufacturer, you'll need to source a new one. DPSS is not a diode based laser (although it contains a pump diode) so you won't want to open it up and tinker with it. You have a couple of options:

    1. Find a low-cost low-power replacement 532nm DPSS laser
    2. Replace the 532 DPSS unit with a 520nm diode. The color is different, but this is a true diode laser

    I'm sure someone else here can and will chime in on this. Good luck.

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    In order to replace the infrared 808nm pump diode in a DPSS (frequency doubled) 532nm green system, you need to be familiar with working with and aligning high power nearly invisible laser radiation. It is definitely not an "easy" task, and can be very hazardous to your eyes (with possible retinal burns/ permanent eye damage) It's definitely not worth it for a 89.00 laser imho. As stated above, module replacement is your best option.

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