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Thread: Trouble with file

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    Default Trouble with file

    I have a file that I'm getting errors opening. I'm thinking that It's in a newer .ild format and LFI_Player cannot open it. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a free app that I can use to either convert this to an older .ild format or perhaps discover if there is another issue at hand with this file....? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


    Never Mind, I found Monkey Tools. It opened and saved a working version of the file! Whooop
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    My momentum is too precisely determined :S


    Try the program in this post:

    (the version in the opening post has a bug)

    I opened your file without errors though. It's a format 0 file which is the oldest standard format, without a palette attached (having a palette is not always supported by programs). Can you say something about the nature of the errors you get?
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