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Thread: New Zealands "she'll be right" attitude towards laser safety

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    Default New Zealands "she'll be right" attitude towards laser safety

    I couldn't believe this when I read it in the news paper this morning

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    I agree, things can be somewhat scary... Not just in NZ though.

    In my work where visiting operators may use lasers on occasion I have seen a vast improvement in attitude in recent times.
    Policy in the show environment means there are now more controls.. We require full disclosure before an event takes place.

    Of course Worksafe NZ and the new upcoming legislation early next year may lead to a much tougher safety protocol for us.

    Its in our own interests to " behave" responsibly..

    Unfortunately that doesn't seem to apply to those who are genetically challenged ..
    Its a bit like gun licences only the good guys get the licence, pay the fees, do the training ....the ones that cause the issues don't bother.



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