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Thread: Semi-nude Lightspace projector

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    Red face Semi-nude Lightspace projector

    Just some pics to get started of a semi naked lightspace projector with the new controller Im sure most of you will bypass who go legal. This is the "Ascent X" case. The new controller in this thing is an ARM powered unit........The AC wiring is MUCH better on these new Lightspace units with soldered and heat shrunk connections. No more press on connectors. The fuse holder is also a new design and has a milled out space for it. Blanking wires are color coded as well.

    STM32F103VET6 "STM32" based,
    Alientek 3.5" TFTLCD with Touch

    Power LED, Display sleep switch, Stepper motor, Interlock, DMX, Red/Blue/Green blanking, Scanner X/Y, Laser emission LED
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    Thanks for posting these! Was really curious about the insides of these new Lightspace builds.

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