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Thread: New line of laser diode drivers from 1A to 60A portable and stage ones

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    This driver looks real nice. What is the price for a triple? Is there an option for a driver without tec?

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    Haha I can cut it off from the PCB

    Seriously - for one piece it can be hard, but from time to time I'm making prototype orders and then I can add one piece as a prototype. For bigger quantity lets say >10 pieces I can do it much faster.

    The price depands on quantity. I would like to offer fair price for eveyone, companies with big orders and people who want to order one or two pieces.
    Prices are on our website, but as I mentioned several times if anyone has his own suggestion it will be taken under consideration.
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    You are right Edison that someone can just build the module himself but it is not the reason not to buy If someone doesn't have time for example.
    Hobbyist have all the time in the world. The reall bussiness guys don,t and they pay only for top quallity and service. Apple and Makita are good examples of that. Most carpenters buy a makita since it last forever. But for them its a nessesay tool since without they can,t do the job and get payed. For people that do a lasershow for a crate of beer and some uganda money next to their job they have the time they try to do as much as they can themselves since there is no money to spend on quallity equipment most of the time. You get for sure a few hobbyists that are interested if the divergence goes down and the price is very low but if you need to make a living out of it i,m afraid you have to eat bread without anyting on top of that

    Interested in a system or modules? Feel free to contact us directly!

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