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Thread: High Power RGB Laser Projector, built by Element 5 (5 watts of CNI diodes)

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    Laser Warning High Power RGB Laser Projector, built by Element 5 (5 watts of CNI diodes)

    We are (regrettably!) selling one of our laser projectors which we built.

    Please see the detailed eBay listing here with full specs and our latest diode measurement results are shown with included photos;

    If you've any questions, please feel free to ask!

    Here's a few photos I took of the laser in action recently;

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for looking & enjoy the bidding!!

    Best Regards,

    P>S> here's also a video link to the laser running here (best viewed in 480p or higher).....

    Main Specifications for the projector;

    Actual power output of the diodes;

    2 watt 447nm blue
    1 watt 532nm green
    1 watt 635nm red (lighter)
    1 watt 650nm red (darker)

    [The two red diodes are combined with a PBS cube]

    Measured output of from diodes at the aperture (after optical losses);

    1.45w blue
    1.19w green
    1.05w red

    3.63 Watts total output power (RGB combined)

    {please see actual photos of measurements taken in the eBay listing}

    Beam Divergence:

    0.6 x 2 m rad blue
    1 m rad green
    2.5 m rad red


    DT-40 PRO, high grade

    Size & Weight:

    15 H
    30 W
    40 L


    {On a final note, although this is my first post on this forum I have spent a lot of time here researching about laser products and production here. This has been very useful to me and I'm very grateful for this forum all the forum contributors for this! I'll hopefully have more free time soon (am a very busy person!), so I certainly wish be making some useful contributions to the forum in the future and to continue building new laser products.}
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