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Thread: Laser marker/cutter and CDRH

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    Default Laser marker/cutter and CDRH

    How can a product like this get released for sale? Do the rules differ for a marker/cutter? I thought a laser is a laser...And here we have a open frame c02 design.

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    Site claims eye safe at 1.7 meters. Free online laser safety course is offered and goggles included.
    I've never liked using CO2 unless there is a diffused metal backstop. What the fire marshal is going to think, after the fire, is what matters.

    It would also help if the unit sensed vertical orientation, but that would cripple users, and thus cripple sales.

    40 watts is no toy.

    But it seems they did their research, but there is no mention of a manufacturer's report.

    This is what lawyers are for, to act as a "Darwinistic" force in the world.

    I'd also like to see a focus sensor on the aiming diode, that would prevent some accidents.

    Ask them if they filed a manufacturer's report. If not, you can report to kickstarter.

    I think the fun will begin with focusing lens selection, if its the wrong lens the depth of focus will be screwed up. Then customers will quickly learn that not having a level bed referenced to the focal plane and motion plane results in distortion in their work.

    Counter Argument is that in the US, You can buy a equally dangerous propane torch kit for 27$.

    I think the expense of building this will keep the potential incidents down. Technically it needs to be totally enclosed.

    But "makers" like to push the rules.

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    Reading more into it seems these guys will get a variance for this...

    "With the addition of key safety features, such as a fully enclosed beam path and active/passive tilt sensing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laser Wizardry View Post
    ...they absolutely must file with the CDRH.. [SEE INSERT, BELOW..] before the product can actually be sold or distributed.
    ..and *Get approved*!! (..I know you know this, K.. just 'using yer post as a soapbox.. but far too many 'OEMs' think 'Look, Ma, I got my Accession#! Now I'm set / I can-sell a million boxes to whoever shows me the money!', etc.. Which, as we know, Accession is nothing more than 'Here's your reciept / Take-a-Number' - DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ANY APPROVALS.. So- So-many seem to miss this - slightly important - detail.. If you DON'T GET AN APPROVAL LETTER, YOUR PRODUCT IS NOT (YET) APPROVED..

    ..So, ya - IS this on-track to BE Approved / WILL-it-be, for if/when the funding saturates?.. Cuz, if not - and they *deliver* an un-approved product to the '$4200.-Pledgers'.. that's pretty fraudy/flakey / not off to a very-smart start, imo.. And, again - Even if 'no one gets hurt' - It's just more BAD EDUCATION...

    ...I mean, that 'Richard' guy's 114mw (iirc..) at-Aperture burst-grating 'hurtball for kids' was bad enough, but... 40W of portable CO2, with no containment / shields, and a totally 'unvalidated' "safety training program" online?...sounds like a lawsuit on a leash, to me..

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