Hi all -

For the ILDA members on here, please make sure to read my proposed ILDA bylaws changes posted to the ILDA list today and comment if you have thoughts. For those not on the list, we are working on creating a better defined ethics complaint procedure, ensuring confidentiality for those who may wish to communicate with ethics about an issue and adding new potential resolutions for the ILDA Board to use when a complaint cannot be resolved by members alone.

I would like to add some transparency to the process and some protection for all concerned, which if adopted, will also allow ILDA to make statements in some cases about what has happened to show that we indeed take our code of ethics seriously.

If members would like to weigh in before the conference, please do so! If you will not be attending the conference and wish to give someone your proxy, please do so now before Patrick gets swamped with other conference details. Proxies can be given to any member attending the conference along with instructions for voting a certain way for Board seats, rule changes, etc as you wish.

I or any other Board member would, I'm sure, be happy to represent anyone who cannot attend so we make sure to count every vote.