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Thread: Question about RGB Projectors

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    Default Question about RGB Projectors

    Hi All,
    my question is, Several months ago I bought a 1w RGB ilda projector and am wondering about the lasers focusing, The red has kind of a wide beam not a dot and the blue is the same but not as wide, I have tried to adjust the lens but not much luck getting them to a dot. The manufacture said that is the way they are suppose to be but it does not seem right. Are the red and blue suppose to be dots or a small line. The way it is now I make a picture using white, I get red on the outsides of the white.
    Need some advice!!!!

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    Unless you have some really sophisticated lenses, that's about as good as it gets. It's a matter of the laser diode and the pattern of light that comes out of front of it.
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    The beam from the raw diode is an ellipse. Without spatial filtering, masking, or anamorphic prisms to correct the beam, you will get lines or ovals as your beamshape.

    Perhaps your projector needs correction optics added.

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