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Thread: What determines the polarisation in a DPSS laser ?

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    Default What determines the polarisation in a DPSS laser ?

    Just thinking about ways to get more blue.... I know that RGB laser use a polarising cube beam splitter to mix their blues and greens to get more power....

    but i wonder what actually determines the polarisation vector in a dpss ? is it something i can rely on being horizontal or vertical...
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    I think it's random, unless something is done in the cavity to make it otherwise, possibly something set at a Brewster angle. This is just a partial memory I'm going on, so don't rely on it. The one thing I know of LambdaPro DPSS's is that you can have 100:1, but you have to pay extra if you want it.

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    Here is a clear-as-mud(at least for me)explanation of laser polarization:

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