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Thread: PangoScript help?

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    Default PangoScript help?

    I'm back Dusting off the laser projector for a christmas display, but I'd like to add some autonomy to it. More specifically, I'd like it so the show starts at say 6:30pm, and just loops the current timeline/show until another set time.

    I've been messing about in PangoScript (in BEYOND) and I've managed to get it to start and stop the show at a specific time, but I'm a bit stuck as to how to have it loop? Anyone able to help me out here?

    EDIT: Nevermind, got it. Just had to change the method of running the show. Basically I exported it to a cue in my workspace, then renamed it to something that wouldn't coincide with other cues, and also unchecked "Play show once and stop the cue" setting. Then used the following script:

    CodeName "Christmas"
    // Autostart           // unrem this line if the script should start automatically
    StopOnBlackout      // unrem this line if the script must stop when Blackout pressed
    WaitForTime 14,31,0,0 // hours, minutes, seconds, ms
    StartCue "xmasShow1"
    WaitForTime 14,31,30,0 // hours, minutes, seconds, ms
    StopCue "xmasShow1"
    Too easy!

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