I've got a number of things to begin posting on here as I'm actually going to begin reducing the size of Mt. Lasermore to a more managable "Teton" or something.

First up was perhaps a purchase mistake. I bought two of these last year a couple days before SELEM and they have been used a total of 3 times. ClubSELEM 2013, ... a Christmas laser show as "searchlights" over the audience during the helicopter sounds in Pink Floyds "Another Brick In The Wall", ... and, a prom. So... they're basically new and still in original packaging. I meant to buy the Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350's. Duh. (I bought four of them today. )
So my $1,600 mistake can be your gain. I'm looking for $600 each here on PL. If they don't move in a couple weeks, they'll go to eBay at $700. They generally go for around $849. They are certainly bright but, I was actually looking more for the gobo effect than the arial effect when I got them.