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    Really good bargin!
    But I think this auction stinks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruch View Post
    Really good bargin!
    But I think this auction stinks..

    I have seen this same item in numerous listings under different sellers and they were all shut down as scams.
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    They won't act on much anymore, only if it suits them. For that, and other reasons, I'm done with eBay.

    Enjoy the spectacle before they censor it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Doctor View Post
    They won't act on much anymore, only if it suits them. For that, and other reasons, I'm done with eBay.

    Enjoy the spectacle before they censor it:
    Hey man, care to elaborate on that one? I don't have enought drama in my life and would love to hear about yours. Sller sounds like a grade B dick. He does have a nice looking model working for him though. (bottom of the page )
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    Sure, I'll elaborate a bit.

    Re model, I missed that one. Saw a nice HUGE Russian antenna system pic though.

    Ok, that guy has HV capacitors. I saw evidence that postage could take WEEKS, as much as two months. I contact a buyer to check this out, he bought two, and told me he was considering taking action. Maybe he finally got them by now, I don't know.

    Anyway, I let my desire for a capacitor (they ARE nice) get the better of me, and I went for a Buy It Now, thinking that as I had the money, all I had to do was negotiate a way to pay. The seller offered a few options, most of which I could not use, except PayPal, he has a US friend who takes payments on his behalf.

    The seller tells me if I want to use PayPal, I MUST have a PayPal confirmed shipping address, AND pay for 'EMS' postage from Russia, which is fast but EXPENSIVE, it cost as much as the already expensive capacitor does. I accept, after asking if he's split the difference on the PayPal charges he wants covered. I made it clear I was already prepared to pay the full asking rate though.

    NOW, he changes his mind! He wants to cancel, so the standard fare here is mutual agreement to cancel. He won't! Why? Because he doesn't trust eBay and PayPal to refund his fees. And because he cited a few eBayers in the last few months, one a German another an Italian, who he calls 'mad' and 'crazys'. He says one of them agreed to cancel, then cheated and abused him by not agreeing on record. HE abuses ME for that alleged action of another buyer, which might even be a FALSE allegation for all I know.

    So by now I know the lay of the land. I've walked into a hornets nest of vengeance. He wants to extract the maximum amount of pain from me to avenge his past experiences. And eBay will HELP him to do this!

    Ok, so they DID promise to remove any strike he places against me, instantly if he does so. What they did not say until much later was that because he raised a full dispute (no matter how invalid his reasons are) that I lose the right to leave a feedback that counts against his score if he strikes against me! They themselves state that these are the only types of feedbacks that buyers and sellers really look closely at, so I am obviously being gagged.

    I demand explanations from FOUR different eBay support staff, one after another. They can't ALL be that stupid, it's clear they WILL censor me, and do nothing to explain, or assist. There is NO assurance that even if they remove the strike, I'd regain that right to free speech. In effect, they will let him shaft me, and they'll tie me down to let him do it too!

    When you can't prevent yourself from being shafted up the rear, you can't come up smelling of roses, the battle is lost, so there is no reason NOT to fight, it's better to go down kicking and shouting, so I left him bad feedback while it was still possible to do so. At which point he unleased all the vengeful crap he's been waiting to vent.

    He called me a SWINDLER. Check my record. I doubt you've ever seen a swindler with a good feedback record like that. The loon is paranoid of all in the West, and says so, effectively.

    If eBay want me to stay on board they're going to have to bend the rules back in my favour for this, and make it clear to him that his paranoia does NOT excuse his abuse of the system, or his vengeance against me for others' actions. They won't though, they clammed up, I doubt I'll hear another word from them beyond eventual confirmation of account closure, which I demanded last night.

    The reason is simple. They make more money out of him than out of me. If they can't wreak golden eggs from the goose, they EAT the goose. The know they are unlikely to get any more out of me, so they won't even try, when they can always get more from him.

    So, anyone know of an auction service that is kinder to eBay refugees?
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    Got a kingsized raised-eyebrow smiley I can use here?

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    I've heard of a yahoo or google auction site i think..

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    I don't think I'd bother with them. If this completes its apparently inevitable souring, I'll not want to use any kind of online auction system again.

    Some more elaboration:
    Previous messages

    30-Sep-07 at 18:21:52 BST

    Yep, you judge EVEYONE according to your own abusive vision of the world. Did it EVER occur to you
    that I am NOT the same? No, obviously NOT.

    The more you say here, the more eBay will see you for
    what you are. Don't you even have the self-preservation and common sense to be silent when all you
    have to offer is more abuse?

    30-Sep-07 at 18:07:14 BST

    Yes, Dung similar you refuse the mutual agreement and eBay takes mine seller fee! I had similar bad
    experience twice. Now I have no agreement with dung. Through non-paying dispute procedure only! Not
    pleasant rules? Address in eBay. I spat again to you and I close this chatter.

    30-Sep-07 at 18:01:40 BST

    Great, eBay can see you for what you are now. Abusive churl. I don't think I need to say anything
    more. eBay promised me about FOUR times that they'd REMOVE your strike, so good luck with it.

    I just hope they don't deprive me of my feedback's effect on your score, you deserve it. You've had it
    before, and you know damn well it's your own foul attitude that earnt it.

    30-Sep-07 at 17:56:16 BST

    I have seen that you is swindler and have refused to take risky PayPal. I have rescueed mine $200.
    From this "dispute" procedure I shall return mine seller fee. I am the owner nice electronic
    business and my electronic parts are excellent. I can sell this stuff anywhere. On eBay or any market
    place also. I spat to you and I close this chatter.

    30-Sep-07 at 17:55:38 BST

    You can change you mind. That does NOT excuse your foolish vengeance for past eBay troubles. ALL you
    had to do was agree to cancel, I would have agreed instantly! Do you think I like going through this

    30-Sep-07 at 17:44:06 BST

    This my right to change the mind. PayPal is was not accepted payment way in this sale. But you do bid
    and did not pay as the requirement this listing. Now I wait refund of my 10% seller fee, also you
    will received NON-PAYMENT BIDDER STRIKE from eBay. When you take 3 NON-PAYMENT BIDDER STRIKEs - eBay
    system will close your account.This is a good rule. Non-payment idiots should go out from a trading

    30-Sep-07 at 17:35:49 BST

    Shut up with that 'swindler' stuff, it's defamation, it's irrelevant.

    I don't use Moneybookers.
    But do I abuse you for demanding I use it as you abuse me for wanting to use PayPal? Of course I

    You actually DID set conditions for me to use PayPal, I have that on record. When you blether
    about not accepting it, you discredit yourself. You changed your mind after I agreed to accept your
    terms for it, specifically a confirmed shipping address, and paying for EMS tracked shipment.

    30-Sep-07 at 17:21:20 BST

    You look as the swindler. Therefore I cannot risk to take PayPal from swindler through the third
    party. Personally I cannot take PayPal. Address in your favourite PayPal and ask why they work in
    39country's list only. MoneyBookers works Woldwide. MoneyBookers not do any money bloked or chargeback.
    But you demanded PayPal only to steal my money?. You the primitive swindler and the fool.
    my respond feedback. Hope anothers write more..

    30-Sep-07 at 15:27:41 BST

    One of your conditions for PayPal was that I pay for 'EMS' tracked delivery. How does THAT allow a
    swindle?? If I could not receive without signing for it, how, exactly, could I ever say I did not get
    it?! How, exactly, could I then demand refund? You asked me to pay to a US account instead of to you
    in Russia. How exactly was I supposed to trust that? It's a bigger risk than you were asked to take.
    When I accepted your demanding restrictions, you changed your mind! THAT looks bad.

    30-Sep-07 at 15:22:22 BST

    PAYMENT METHOD! I the owner this goods. And I I choose accepted payments. Not you and not eBay. You
    non-paying buyer. On real auctions for it expel. You the infringer auction rules. I close chatter.

    30-Sep-07 at 15:05:14 BST

    Don't be stupid. I have never swindled anyone, nor would I do so. My feedback record was NOT earned
    by swindling people! I CANNOT TAKE BACK A PAYPAL PAYMENT! You're probably thinking of a 'chargeback',
    but I do NOT pay from a card! I told you that at the start. LEARN some reality instead of slinging
    childish abuse at people!

    30-Sep-07 at 14:41:48 BST

    You is big crazy and you is BIG SWINDLER.
    Don:t pretend innocent. You well know as to return PayPal
    payment. You wished to steal mine 200$ SWINDLER !!!

    30-Sep-07 at 14:30:00 BST

    You'd never send goods without being paid. I met your conditions to pay by PayPal, which you then
    refused. There is no possibility of me swindling you, you're just saying that for the same reason
    you'll prolong this needlessly, to be abusive out of vengeance. eBay should delete your membership.
    I've examined your feedback record, you behave like this to others, it seems. I have not, nor shall
    I do so. I think the only reason eBay tolerate you is that they know they can make money out of you.

    30-Sep-07 at 14:18:59 BST

    Paranoic is you.
    I will close this at 15days, for my seller fee refund after you crazy "purchase".

    Enjoy your feedback, you is Mr. Swindler,

    29-Sep-07 at 23:13:52 BST

    If you're not willing to respond you'd better close the dispute. If you leave it open doing nothing
    eBay won't refund you your fees.

    You wanted to cancel, I wanted to cancel. The only reason this
    can't be done the proper way is that you are too obdurately paranoid about eBay or PayPal risks to
    do what should be done.

    eBay now expects you to respond. It would help if like me, you return to
    an attempt to do that gracefully.

    29-Sep-07 at 02:50:48 BST

    You obviously know nothing about PayPal or eBay if you think they can take back money I pay you
    directly from my bank account. As you'd never have sent the goods without that payment, you could
    have swindled me! That was why I was so willing to accept a cancellation, but NOT your stupid revenge
    for the past troubles you had. Those were NOTHING to do with me.

    29-Sep-07 at 02:49:50 BST

    You think you know it all, because you've got power seller status and >2000 feedbacks, but you are

    You think I could have taken money back? I pay DIRECT from a bank account, and you KNOW
    that, I told you! That was one of your conditions for payment along with a confirmed shipping address.
    So DON'T tell me I'm a swindler! You could have taken my money and left me waiting MONTHS for that
    capacitor, never knowing if it would arrive, and you think you were being treated wrong?!

    29-Sep-07 at 02:12:12 BST

    Swidler? That's defamation. I don't swindle people, I would have accepted your conditions, had done
    so, you changed your mind. Look at my record! Does that LOOK like the record of a swindler to you? I
    hope eBay strike you off, you're a menace.

    29-Sep-07 at 00:05:01 BST

    You think everyone's mad, you can't see beyond that. Why do you think you had so many problems with
    eBayers? Did it EVER occur to you that you might be the cause? I guess not.

    29-Sep-07 at 00:00:14 BST

    I could not agree. Because you silly and mad cattle. I do not trust cattle. Has entered rubbish!

    28-Sep-07 at 23:43:14 BST

    You stupid obdurate fool!
    I have put in a formal request to close my account. Do your worst, it can't
    hurt me any further, can it? Get your pathetic revenge. I have left you bad feedback. It is what you
    deserve, and no more.

    Why couldn't you agree to a mutual cancellation instead of infecting other
    people with your venal distrust?

    26-Sep-07 at 23:05:53 BST

    Hi, just responding, as eBay state that I should at this point. While I think you should have used
    the mutual agreement to cancel, it's ok this way, I talked with eBay, they will remove any strike
    against me if I get one, as I have a clear record of events. I hope you get your fees back from them
    fast and with no hassle.

    26-Sep-07 at 21:32:02 BST

    An Unpaid Item dispute has been opened for the following item: HIGH VOLTAGE CAPACITOR 100uF/3000 Volts. 4500V Peak (#140141390425)
    Reason given for Unpaid Item: The buyer has not paid for the item.
    Buyer actions reported by seller: The buyer wants a payment method that I don't accept.
    That's the current dispute record. As he calls me a swindler in a public feedback record, I should publish the dispute record, I don't think his privacy should be preserved. What amazes me is that anyone dealing in radio and high-tech communications equipment can be so stupid as to fail to understand eBay, PayPal, causality, or basic human nature.

    The reason I changed my tone angrily at the start of that record is that I learned he'd deliberately exploited the mechanism to put me at as much disadvantage as possible, party to abuse me for the sake of vengeance, and partly to invoke eBay's method of depriving me of my right to leave feedback. It was at this point that I left him bad feedback realising I had nothing to gain, and had already been forced into a postition where I must lose all by default.

    eBay is a VERY flawed mechanism, because it allows one crazy vengeful fool to destroy a reputation in one move, and set things up so the only recourse is to argue with that fool. If there can be no mediation or protection, we don't need eBay at all, except for publicity, and I don't need eBay to sell laser diodes or beamsplitter cubes.

    I've been adding to that record during the day but I think enough is enough now. He doesn't but I won't bring any more of it here.
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