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Thread: Beyond Documentation?

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    Default Beyond Documentation?

    This will be a complete newbie question, by definition. Long-time LD2K user, I've been trying to figure out Beyond, and the help files are unbearably thin. Is there more detailed documentation somewhere? I really haven't been able to find it, despite a lot of searching.

    For example: I'm sure there's a way to add beat markers while playing a song on the timeline, but I can't figure out the right key for it.
    And I'd love a tutorial video or document on the effects editor, or if there are a bank of pre-made effects like "Zoom up from a dot" sort of thing I'm used to in LD2000.

    The Webinar recording helped a LOT, but it is really only showing new features, not key metaphors and whatnot.

    Thanks! (I hope I didn't post too many threads (3) - they were on unrelated topics in Beyond, but please feel free to PM and let me know the proper etiquette)

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    Documentation to be addressed in the soon-to-be-released Beyond v2
    (a lot of us are looking forward to that!):


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    Hey Wondergy

    Let me help you out on the beat markers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I Found some of the quickshow help videos on YouTube were applicable to beyond, although there are some differences.

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