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Thread: Achieving maximum scanning angle with laserboy+etherdream

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    Default Achieving maximum scanning angle with laserboy+etherdream


    I'm quite newbie in this area (I get my first laser a couple of months ago) and I have some troubles trying to get the laser working at maximum area:

    - I have one of this chinese lasers, which is supposed to be:
    Power consumption:35W
    laser Power:G:532nm500mW
    Play Mode:Auto,sound active,DMX512,Master/slave、ILDA、key switch
    Scanning speed:25Kpps
    Scanning angle:50

    I get an Ether-dream DAC and I use Laserboy to convert my DXF files into ILD files with some transformations in the middle (I wanted to project non-frontally while keep correct dimensions and maximum area).
    The thing is that if I try to calculate the scanning angle by drawing a square, I get around 22 (+/-11).
    At first I thought that I was cheated (again!) and I claimed this issue and I was answered with this:

    "the 50 scanning angle is the adjustable angle by software, not the angle of the light turn on. the light cannot adjust the angle to 50.we usually use pangolin quick show software can adjust about 40,the LD2000 software can adjust about 50-60"

    At first I wrongly understood that this scanning angle (50) was a constant while the scanning speed was variable. Then I've learnt that this speed is based on the ILDA pattern bla bla bla... and that I could get this 50 (or close to it) if I reduced the speed 1/2 at least. Am I right?

    Well, then the question is: how I can get the maximum angle?
    I tried to reduce the scanning speed with the etherdream OSC command, but of course I the image kept with the same dimensions.
    I've checked all laserboy parameters, but I still can't find any that could affect on this.

    Finally, I think that I probably have a concept failure or either laserboy or etherdream DAC is the bottleneck. I'm completely lost... sorry for my ignorance and thank you in advance

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    Scan speed vs. Scan Angle is a non-linear function. Odds are you could open up your image size potentiometer on your scanner amplifiers.
    Or just make sure your projector is wired correctly for differential input if the amps support it. If you go to adjust a potentiometer, make absolutely sure you know what is what. By obtaining the manual from the amplifier manufacturer.

    Laserboy just outputs a wave file. The amplitude of the wave file is adjustable by some image size command in Laserboy.

    We generally do not run scanners at 100% full field. There is significant risk of "slamming" the rotor in the galvo and damaging it.

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    it could be the graphic is just a small size and not filling the work area really.
    You can turn up the size on the scanner amplifier as steve mentioned but I wouldn't recommend it if the size in other software is bigger as you claim it to be and its all new to you.

    Note the QM2000 (pangolin LD2000) sends out a slightly stronger signal then most laser controller(DAC's) for long signal cables compared to say an FB3 or so
    Also note QuickShow has projecton zone and projector settings that together determine the max size of your projection!

    For laserboy I cannot speak regarding size.. but if you have all that other software anyway why would you bother using laserboy for the actual projection as you can always instead use its output of ilda files.
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    We chatted quite a while on Skype. I think he's on the right path.
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