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Thread: CNI MGL F532 - 2W Laser head - Help

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    Post CNI MGL F532 - 2W Laser head - Help


    I asked CNI, they are normally nice to answer us, and reply with a datasheet. But asked twice without any answer from them.

    I'm going to open this CNI F 532 - 2 watt head. (have IR glasses and a clean box with hepa filters).

    - How much power to expect from the IR Diode ?
    - How much Current is needed to run the diode ? (i checked the current now, and it's 4,6 amps)

    The head only do 50 mw output of 532nm. I checked all surfaces on Vandate and KTP/LBO all looks fine.

    Any experience here ? :-)


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    I believe that there was 5W of 808. not sure though...

    If the 808 gets 4.6A that's ok. If 808 works, then most probably the resonator is out of alignment.

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    CNI Are best friends when it comes to purchase , but when it comes to open up their units, they become transparent.
    My furthest with them about opening the head was they asked me for my serial # of the unit, and never heard from them since ever , also reminded them but seems to be gone!

    Problem was - 808nm diode kaputt, and I used my camcorder to pick up the IR light without me being exposed to it.
    Do be very careful with 808nm , invisible danger!

    Good Luck!
    Philipp Wetter

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