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Thread: Scanner optical scan angles

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    Default Scanner optical scan angles

    Just wondering if anybody knows off the top of their head...

    what scanners have the widest scan angles?

    for example, the Cambridge 6815's , have 80 degree full optical scan angle...
    the new PT A40's, have I believe ..a 60 degree scan angle...

    out of all the scanners ive owned,, (CT6800's , CT6215's, PT-40k, PT-A40's),,
    none come close to the CT6215HP's... is there ANY other scanner on the market today that does 80 degrees max. optical?

    side by side, from from my experience, the scan angle makes a huge difference in how the projectors look, regardless of venue size...(well for beam and aerial shows anyways)

    so im looking for a cheaper alternative...

    The Kvant LM scanners also are listed as 80 degrees, BUT with small 3mm beam size mirrors...

    I've also compared to the Eyemagic 7000 series scanners, but they are also, way smaller angle output..

    the only other scanner I've yet to compare to , is the Pangolin 506's.. but before I jump in... can anyone confirm that they will do 80 degrees??

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    You might want to wait to see what the Pangolin Saturn series do before taking a leap.

    Still unknown quantity but there were promises of outperforming Cambridge.

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    You can check the datasheets for the Compact 506 and Saturn scanners on the scannermax website. Better than taking someone's word for it.

    The PDFs I'm looking at show +/- 20 mechanical degrees for both the 506 and Saturn 3... if I do my math correctly, that's a 40 mechanical degree throw, or 80 optical degrees.

    Of course, you'll want to double-check the mirror sizes required to scan at those angles for a given beam diameter.

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