Hello folks, I am working on a power supply for someone here on PL and I have found a blown IC. Fortunately the chip blew in such a way that I can still determine the manufacturer and part of the IC number, but thats about it. Its in the LaserDrive model 9600 argon supply listed as IC301 located almost directly behind the analog power meter on the front of the supply. The chip was made by XR and it appears to read XR 4xx1 CP (big crater where the xx are!)

This seems to be a rather important IC, since it is blown the supply is unable to determine the state of the laser head and when attempting to start the head will run it to max current causing this particular tube to wink out. I managed to start the tube with a few tricks I know but with the starter engaged it will continue to try to start the head even though its running. Plus it still has the output current ramped to max. Anyway, if anyone knows or has a 9600 handy, I'd really appreciate the info!