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Thread: Another Woody From Bausch & Lomb

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    Default Another Woody From Bausch & Lomb

    A few years ago I posted the following thread about a 1968 Bausch & Lomb model 41-17-50 He-Ne with a wooden resonator structure

    This afternoon I received another apparently later version with the same model number that has two distinct differences. The first is the absence of the central support for the plasma tube and its adjusters. The second is the addition of a larger diameter glass tube around the original plasma tube, apparently to increase its rigidity and therefore alignment.

    My first thread lead to an orphaned plasma tube for one of these (seen below), and I thought the outer tube was added by someone after the fact. This unit shows it was a factory design change. It includes its original box, that was opened on the side so the original packing tape on the top isn't disturbed. Apparently, this laser has spent the vast majority of its life in the box! And it's gas intact. The plasma is quite pink and there's no output yet detected, but I'll set up a meter and leave it on for a while (for Sam & Phil). It also came with a positive lens screwed on to the front bezel, probably to spread the beam for hologram viewing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had a few of these woodies with the automobile ignition coil. I bought several new cases with power supplies and no PT in sealed B&L boxes from a surplus seller in the '70's. Brings back memories. The epoxy holding on the mirrors eventually contaminates the gas. Hope you get it to lase. Nice find.

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