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Thread: First 445nm build, new here

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    Ehhhh....You really don't want that mounted to plastic. That small heatsink will heat up quick, and you really don't want the laser itself falling off and pointing who knows where mid-operation.

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    you think? that's a mount+heatsink for a j-tech 2.8w laser, same diode as in mine, also has a NTC sensor for thermal shutdown, set to 50c atm, but will probably lower to 30c.. either way neither of those temps can get close to melting abs.

    honestly i'm more concerned with the wood buring causing a fire since i'm currently enclosing the whole thing with osb ply and expanding it to 3'6"x2'6" and will monitor it through a shielded webcam.

    here's a couple video's also
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