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Thread: my first projector build RGB 50k

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    Default my first projector build RGB 50k

    Hello! This is the first laser projector I have built. We had all the parts in the shop already hence some fancy parts. This is our animation projector since it has fast scanners and 473 blue and is our lowest power laser.
    473nm 300mw CNI blue
    532nm 500mw CNI green, turned down for proper color balance
    some kind of 638 red 700mw
    50k laserworld galvos, had some cambridge but they were troublesome plus these are faster. The beam enters the opposite side due to sticking on a mirror ground down to fit.
    Shutter uses a circuit i designed, optoisolator, ATTiny13 for safety delay and a motor driver IC (it's under the optics plate with the power supplies)
    I'd love some critique! the cat seems to like it.

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    Very nice, but, seems ext air flowing thru beam table/scanners....what about dust?

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    What Cambridge scanners did you rule against? Iirc the LW50k is only rated 50k at 4 degrees so not really close to being a true 50k scanner.
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    You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?

    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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    Untill we get more money to build a modern chassis with a sealed optics chamber it's sort of what we got for now. I don't mind too much since u got to pop the top off to align it anyways, might as well q-tip it up while ur in there.

    We had cambridge 6210H scanners but there was some line noise that popped up one day causing the image to wobble. Then one of the scanners pegged and blew a pico fuse which worried me since it was just on the bench, no signal. I'll come back to them when we order more fuses. The other option we have on hand are 6800 scanners. I'm gonna play with those for a bit before trying out 6210 set. U can kind of tell we have alot of old school stuff

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    Beautiful and neat layout. It looks very precision and solid.
    Hopefully you have an effective filter at your air inlets to minimize any dust on your optics.

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