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Thread: Beyond Trick: Circle Truss without zone rotations, Use effect offset

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    Default Beyond Trick: Circle Truss without zone rotations, Use effect offset

    The value you enter is based off of the number of beats, and number of zones its entered in.

    I've been trying to figure out what the the math would be, but I have yet to figure it out.

    My best guess is (beats/#of zones) = value*2 but i'm not really sure.

    I've also messed around, it is also possible to use this for axis flip, but you have to get really creative with it, if there is interest I can make a video about it.

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    Interesting, thanks Gabe.

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    I've done the math and sadly, it seems to me the bare minimum to try this little trick though, is about $32,000. Maybe a little more if I underestimated the cost and number of ILDA cables. It "might" be something that could be done at SELEM one day if we all bring our Pluto's but sadly, I don't think I'm ever seeing this in person... even with all MY gear! Lol

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