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    I dont know if i have just given i genera; bio for my self, i am a 39 year old dragon in a human body but when it comes down to it i do have autisum and by the grace of god it happened to fall into electronics, i am mostly fix analog devices and try to learn the new stiff as i go on, i have a cheapie closed loop that i am working with others to make Pictures or learning into graphics i want one of a dragon fling along the inside or on the side of a house, i need a while to get and work with several softwatem and for photonboy it will just take lots of reading.
    my austisum is rated at severe but high function , my doctor called me a savont i should show him this place of experts, this has been the best laser sight for projection i have yet to find, laser power forums are interesting but i think off topic for show in the art. i know some people get a kick on lighting fireworks or cancer sticks with there illegal pointers but that's not what i feel is not the direction of our forum. i have beeb here a mounth and allways learn new stiff

    please forgive some of the simple questions i may i ask, i still dont know if one dpss laser needs a c-mount that needs a fast axis lens or not
    Polk SDA SRS, Parasound HCA 3500, Luxman M117, Onkyo 504, 7.62X39, sometimes a ball on a string is the greatest of toys for us nonhuman types. oh and some lasers, lots of lasers

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    Well hey! .. (a late) welcome to the forum, Draco! Happy to see you here, hope you enjoy your stay, and please be safe.

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    Lasers, its an addiction! =)
    Hope you can learn to make that flying dragon!
    Will there be three phase!!!!

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