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Thread: Looking for a pair of chassis

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    Laser Warning Looking for a pair of chassis


    I'm looking for a pair of laser cases. I started a dual rebuild by first dis-assembling the 2 projectors into their components. I then sent most of one of the cases to the scrapyard, assuming the the pair of cases I had ordered would actually get manufactured.

    But alas, my order from 7 months ago ain't gonna happen, and I need to have these projectors up and running by June. THIS year. But I can only rebuild one back into the case it came with, since I threw the other case away. They were hideous cases, and I need to rebuild the PAIR of projectors, not just one. My client is expecting both of the projectors for his event.

    Looking for somebody who has a couple cases collecting dust, because their project will never get started,


    recommendations of sellers with off-the-shelf solutions.

    I would possibly consider a pair of used cases, if they're in decent shape.



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    Remember that if you rebuild them into projectors, then you must be a varianced manufacturer to do so legally in the USA.

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    Goldenstar have cases on their website and can supply them in flightcases too.
    They also have their own cnc so can do custom designs
    Frikkin Lasers

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    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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