Aside from playing with lasers i decided to watch some moves today, Guardians of the Galaxy, I usually listen to moves at or close to reference , during one part a loud explosion and then a bang from one speakers, startled the crap out of me so i start looking for what failed and being that my speakers are a line driver array that is a bit more involved, found the bad driver and discovered the cone had buckled and with it the top half of the voice coil former, now concerned and puzzled I checked all the other drivers and then contacted the former owner and found that i can blame all of this onto the joker from batman! the scene here he blows up the hospital, we had forgotten to limit the LFE, that damn movie has content in the subsonic realm I guess this would be a cautionary tale and limit the LFE to drivers not designed for it and these days that's probably 90% of what is out there. luckily Polk still makes most of the parts for the system i use, along with a few laser i should mount the driver on the wall with the rest of trophy's