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Thread: "Analogo" LaserShark build

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    Default "Analogo" LaserShark build

    I put together another projector with the down-tuned 400mW "Analogo" laser ebay module I reviewed a ways back. Everything in this build was purchased off ebay!

    The size of the unit is roughly 8x8x4.25"

    The case was machined by me using my mini mill. I used an older end mill and didn't use mist coolant which I feel negatively impacted the results but hey, I learned something from that experience. The letter engraving was done using a diamond drag bit.

    Other details:
    -LaserShark driver (mounted on a piece of laser-cut acrylic)
    -Ebay no-name allegedly 30K galvos (they are a tad out of tune which gives this projector... character. I still need to track down the manual for these. The power supply that came with the galvo set is HUGE. It takes up about 1/4th of the space in the projector.
    -12V 3A ebay switching power supply
    -2x 15x60mm fans (27cfm) mounted to a laser-cut acrylic air barrier.
    -Aluminum for the custom machined handle
    -Plasti-dip for the handle (I would have gone with the spray stuff next time for a more uniform finish.
    -2x2" BK7 window
    -2x safety handles (you have to push them in to turn and re-adjust the handle/mount/foot.

    I used high temperature flat black grill paint to paint the non-annodized parts.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This will be my largest build size-wise. I am going to try and push the envelope on how small I can get the next one which will likely involve quite a few custom optical, electrical, and mechanical parts. It's probably going to be a while. The next one will be direct-drive analog too.

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    Impressing. Really nice. Clean cabeling. What was the total cost of this build in ebay parts. Love some beam and graphics shots.
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    I'll see what I can do for images of the beams. It won't be anything special however.

    Lets see for cost including shipping...
    • LaserShark - free for me
    • Galvos - 125$
    • Analogo laser module: 110$
    • Enclosure + handle/internal structure aluminum - 60$
    • 12V 3A ebay switching power supply - 10$
    • 2x 15x60mm fans (27cfm) mounted to a laser-cut acrylic air barrier - 20$
    • BK7 window glass - 10$
    • Knobs for window and handle: 20$
    • Acrylic scrap 5$
    • Metric nuts/bolts 10$

    So that's a grand total of ~365$

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