Hello PL gang!

I went through a version of this drill last year but got pulled away from the computer for an extended period of time.

FOR SALE: X-Laser 2.15W RGB X-BEAM <150 hrs of use


The following spec's are correct. This was a custom build.

1300mW - 650
350mW - 532
500mW - 473
Adjustable dichro's
I believe all three diodes are TTL but not entirely sure.

One small issue. One of the wires in the Y scanner connection is a bit loose. Being held stable with hot glue, which has made it fine for over a year now.
I have no idea of the actual metered power. Sorry.

It's been a great projector. Fast...wide...bright.

Asking $2,200 + Shipping

ALSO FOR SALE: a bunch of pieces & parts including 15kpps scanners with broken mirrors, misc. wires w/connectors (6 pin, 3 pin, 2 pin, 12 pin,), dip switch board, ILDA board, DMX board (2), power switch, turn knobs, DMX in and out, a couple of aluminum mounting plates, 12V diode driver board, reflect red in mount, reflect blue in mount, reflect green in mount.

Best case scenario is if someone makes me an offer on the lot.

Pictures available upon request. I have lots, please PM if interested.