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Thread: Coherent LabMAX-TOP power meters for sale

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    Default Coherent LabMAX-TOP power meters for sale

    I have a few coherent labmax-TOP power meters up for sale

    These are the top of the line, current generation, power meters from Coherent, which support just about any of coherent's power meter heads (LM, PM, position sensing, pulsed, thermopile, photodiodes, etc). I can answer any questions you may have in regards to the capability of the units, but all of the specifications, manuals, etc are on coherent's site. A few of the features I find the most useful include ability to log data directly to a USB thumbdrive, ability to transfer data to a computer over USB or RS232 (note, while these units support RS232, I do not have any of the RS232 cables for them), long life lithium batteries, large easy to read display, and ability to do statistical analysis on your beams directly in the meter.

    Some of the units have dead batteries, so I will offer a $75 discount if you are willing to take a meter without a battery pack (a new pack costs $100 from coherent). Units include a standard US-style 12v power supply, let me know if you need a power supply for a non-US country (these units take a standard center positive, 5.5mm, 12v power supply). Free shipping within the US via priority mail, actual cost for anything else. These were originally $2000 meters, I am going to list them on ebay for $1000 in a few days, but wanted to give you guys first dibs

    I also have an assortment of sensors, a few LM-10 (10mw-10w, position sensing, asking $300), a LM-45 (good for 45w, position sensing, asking $500), the LM-100 (the massive, air cooled 100w position sensing power meter in the background, $500) and few LM-2 (1nw to 50mw, extendable to 1uW-5W with the attenuator module) (asking $200 for the sensor, $100 for the attenuator). All of the sensors are in used, but working condition. Also a few pulsed sensors if you are into that kind of thing. PM for details.

    None of the equipment is in current calibration, but I have checked it against a calibrated meter and it is within a few percent. If you buy a meter/sensor pair I will prepare a report showing its measured performance against a calibrated meter for a specific wavelength/power (I have access to just about any wavelength and power from 200nm-10um up to 10w).

    The reason that these meters are up for sale is that they have all had a bit of a runin with a high power laser, and they have cosmetic laser burns on the case They have all been tested and are fully functional. The sensors heads are my personal collection which I have been working on over the last few years. I am also open to offers/trades.

    Picture below is of a typical meter and the sensors I have available.
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