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Thread: Large Diffraction gratings

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    I own "ready to use" large sets for reflexion diffraction gratings.
    They are very light & handmade by unit, though large dimensions (150mm x 150mm !): useful when targeting them at 20 or 30 meters !).
    Each set consists in :

    - wood black plate : lay 0
    - mirror (2 or 3mm thick in glass) : lay 1
    - grating (several patterns in polymer) : lay 2
    - protection window (3mm glass) : lay 3
    - special mechanical bonds (to "stick" the 3 optics layers 1 to 3)
    - aluminium arm (U structure with hole for yoke in the center, and screw for adjusting orientation of the set).

    These gratings reflexion sets can be either hang (just need a yoke) or just layed on a high floor, on the ground, on a shielve (thanks to autostanding structure arm)...

    If anyone interested, you can pm me !

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    Hey, do you mind tossing some pictures up? Of the gratings and of the effects.
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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