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Thread: Buying from Golden Star .... US Shipping/Customs experiences?

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    Of course, people do buy unvarianced lasers weekly from the likes of Goldenstar and Eightonlight/Lightspace and have them shipped into the US without bothering with FDA paperwork or any of that stuff, and take the risk of them not making it.
    There's a lot of people on the forum with Pluto and Ascent projectors for instance
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    Yes, me included however... buying 30 of something (that IS illegal) to use for an installation is a little different than a hobbyist getting a Lightspace projector for home and friends and bringing to the occasional LEM. I've had to file paperwork twice so far while a projector has been held up by customs.

    (And... I've taken the steps to bring my Pluto's into compliance and filed a product report.)

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    Please take us seriously when we tell you they are not legal here. If you try to import them illegally, you run the risk of customs confiscating them,(they are looking for lasers) and then giving you fines for trying to import illegal lasers, or if you are able to "Sneak" them into the country, as soon as they are noticed by the CDRH/FDA,(which they will be if they are installed at a public location) they will be confiscated, and the they will force you pay the customer back for selling them illegal, unvarianced equipment. If you do not know the laws around lasers, I would suggest going here
    and read up a little before you go any further.

    If you don't have a manufacturer's variance, (which it seems you probably don't seeming you didn't know the lasers aren't legal) then you can go to someone who IS a manufacturer on record, and ask them to add the required safety features, and add them to their variance. We have done this for several clients over here at Slick Lasers and would be willing to offer you the same service if you need.
    Quote Originally Posted by whoman View Post
    Thank you so much for all the info and advice...

    So, it takes 2 days to get to the US... how many days does customs take typically?

    Thanks again.

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    You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the input. I'll look into what it may take cost and time wise to get them legalized but I'm guessing I'll probably just end up looking at different ways to modify the installation to use more standard (already varianced) type equipment.

    Thanks again guys

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I plan to post my order today and hopefully the customs services will be ok.

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