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Thread: Laser module recommendation

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    Default Laser module recommendation

    This is my first post. I'm new to laser technology so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm trying to find the correct laser module for a research project which intends to determine bugs resistance to laser radiation and, maybe, in the future, kill the ones that are harmful.

    Initial research shows that 10W of output power, delivered in a 5 mm diameter beam, in the near infrared region is a good starting point but a few other features would greatly optimize the work:

    1 - External modulation: The firing time and output power will have to be both externally controlled since total output energy is the main parameter being studied.

    2 - Aiming beam: A visible auxiliary aiming beam would simplify the aiming procedure... a lot.

    3 - Fiber coupling: It seems to me that handling specimens and aiming the beam would be easier if done with a fiber coupled module then some awkward "module on tripod" thing.

    4 - Complete module: At this stage, I'd rather purchase a complete module and driver than trying to assemble a mount + diode + collimating lenses so as to speed things up a bit.

    5 - Price: I've been doing some research and it seems that one can find almost any price for almost any range of output power. It's really hard to know if I'm not finding a cheap module because they don't exist or because I'm looking at the wrong places. Target module + driver price would be in the high hundreds.

    Could you please recommend a supplier or specific parts for this endeavour? Am I asking too much for too little?

    Thanks a lot

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    Be patient.... there are a lot of smart people on here and I'm sure someone will hop in here soon. (I'm not one of them... )

    10 watts is a lot at "near infrared" and may cost a lot more than you think. Completely infrared on the other hand, at higher powers I believe will be considerably cheaper. Any idea of the target wavelength necessary?

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    ... I'm using fibercoupled 9W@975nm-diodes for engraving/etching PCB's or cutting dark materials - look here for some basic infos:

    You can get this diodes at fleabay for around 300USD or cheaper, I'm extracting them from wrecked fiber-lasers, where they are used for pumping the fiber resonator.

    A driver can be as simple as switching a current regulator with a MOSFET ... see the basic schematics in the linked wiki ...


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    You realize this is not a good idea to have a free space, tripod mounted laser that is humanly accessible right? In fact in most places its illegal.
    Hint, what takes out an insect will easily damage a human eye at considerable distances and much less power.

    Software nor motion detection has NEVER reached the level of where I or anyone else would allow it to fire 10 watts of laser in a human accessible space.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    @Bradfo69: Near infrared as in 808 to 975 nm but this is also open to study.

    @Viktor: The site you mentioned seems like a good source. I'll definitely take a deeper look into it.

    @Steve: Thank you for your concern. Free space was never the intention here. This is still early stage and the first goal is to determine the pests minimum energy threshold in a controlled environment. Nevertheless, I do realize that safety issues are one of the main obstacles and, quite possibly, the reason to shut down the project. Anyway, when dealing with this kind of power words of caution are always welcome.

    I'd still appreciate to hear if someone knows of a complete module similar to the description on the first post.

    Thanks a lot!


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