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Thread: Why the difference between lasers

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    Default Why the difference between lasers

    Dear all,
    Please see the attached photos (Pic 4,5,6) . All the photos are clear. there are no throughout beam in between projector and surface.
    But please see the attached photos (Pic 1,2,3). All this photo's are showing beams in between projector and surface.

    Why the difference in between two type of laser picture. Is this happen to take photos from angle and state thats why? Or lasers throwing concept are different. It's makes me confusing.

    Please advice. Thanks for your support.
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    Pic 4.jpg  

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    Pic 1.jpg  

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    Atmospheric conditions and angle of camera compared to angle of beams. The more in line the more visible they'll be.
    But they'll only be visible at all if there are particles in the air, so on very clear nights, they'll be almost invisible, on foggy nights it'll be like being in a club.
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    So this is depends on all about particles and camera angle? Got it. Thanks dude.

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