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Thread: coelux skylight , technology ?

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    Default coelux skylight , technology ?

    Anybody has a clue what's the technology behind this ?

    Some one made this analysis:

    But this article claims:
    "The entire setup is incredibly thin and thus easy to set flush with a wall or ceiling."

    If this thing has Fresnel lenses of some sort, I would expect to see chromatic aberrations in the shadows or the sun.

    Holographic films can generate false-deepness, but I expect it needs a very bright white-light point source, which leds are not at this moment.

    Why can't I find any pictures that demonstrate it's incredibly thinness ?

    Also not specifying its actual dimensions, which are make-or-brake selling points, makes the technically inclined skeptical.

    They seem to direct the attention on the special Raleigh scattering technology .
    But I want to know, how do they create the false sense of deepness, and most of all how do they create these sharp shadows ?

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    I have no idea, but assuming it works as described, the implications of such a device gaining widespread adoption is terrifying.

    Imagine we take some dark, depressing population - let's say the Brits - and give them all warm bright light year around?!? Imagine the absurd comedies that would never again be written?!? Imagine Brits happily staying up all night eating and drinking like Spaniards instead of limping back home from the pub in a misty rain at 23:00??

    Mark my words, it would be chaos on an epic scale!


    P.S. In all seriousness, this looks like a cool innovation.
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    Or far worse is that the Americans use the added light to keep up with world events and realise that "the Brits" have had an abolition of the 11pm pub closing laws over 12+ years ago

    Only joking, it does look a very cool technology, I would love to know how much it costs?

    "Let there be light", you never know it might be a phrase which could catch on! (No religious offense meant)

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    its not that hard, if the package is deep. Make a slit out of cardboard, and roll a fluorescent light behind the slit. You'll see one way this can work. Add a special nanomaterial diffuser and your done.

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    i would love to have that installed my entry way tower.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The "extreme thinness" is subjective. It looks to me as if there is a pocket in the ceiling with a diffusing sheet closing it's top. The sheet is not too hard to imagine even if I don't have any laying around. This could be a transparent material with scattering particles (quantum dots) imbedded within it. These particles can be sized to scatter particular wavelengths more than others. To save cost it makes sens that the powerful LED source moves rather than they activate progressive pixels across the "sky". The apparatus is then housed in a highly lambertan reflective enclosure to enhance brightness and the color of this surface would be chosen to help mimmic the sky. It's a nice idea.

    Look near the bottom of the blog.

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    Looks like a lovely thing... but at 40,000 a panel and 5,000 installation fee, I'll stick to my "daylight" LED fixtures for now.
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