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Thread: RIYA PCI PRO colors channels defect

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    Default RIYA PCI PRO colors channels defect

    Please help me how to repear card Riya PCI PRO version: 101
    I connect -2,5 and +2,5 to laser and go few hours and go down. Now I don't have brightnes control. Is not working ;[
    How to repear and how to connect to laser 0-5V analog

    Please help me!

    Waiting for answer, some help

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    I think you just connected a differential output to a laser that wanted a single ended input. It might have damaged the laser's modulation input.
    If you can verify that the output voltages are equal and opposite in polarity at all times (use a voltmeter), you'll need to get the laser mod imput repaired, or get enough detailed advice to allow you to fix it yourself.

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    Default Riya color channel defect

    Connection is good, laser working few hours and when I stopped soft laser shine. Maybe some "short circuit" but card is deffect, few color channel on riya card are defect. I must repear that. In attached files you have photos : my card and laser. Please look that. Laser is 300mW analog who has analog modulation using signal from 0 to 5V, masse and +.
    Ok I meter voltage on riya output :

    Blank pins: 3-16 off: 0,06V on:5V
    Shuter pins: 13-25 off: 0V on:5V

    red pins: 5-18 off: 0V on:5V
    red pins: 18-25 off: 0V on:5V

    green pins: 6-19 off: 1,7V on:1,6V
    green pins: 19-25 off: 8,6V on:8,3V

    blue pins: 7-20 off: 0,3V on:0,26V
    blue pins: 20-25 off: 11V on:11V

    deep blue pins: 8-21 off: 0V on:5V
    deep blue pins: 21-25 off: 0,03V on:6,6V

    yellow pins: 9-22 off: 0V on:4,93V
    yellow pins: 22-25 off: 0,05V on:4,5V

    cyan pins: 10-23 off: 0,01V on:5V
    cyan pins: 10-23 off: 0,01V on:1,2V

    Please tell me how to repear card and when I fix card, how to connect my laser green to riya card.

    Best Rigards

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