I have several items I would would wish to sell/Trade to help fund my projector project.
I have:
1x Leitz Wetzlar NPL Flurotar 50X/0.85 Microscope Objective used for fibre launches. These are ~$4500 new. $400/OBO

1x Leitz Wetzlar HL 10x/0.20 Microscope Objective that could also be used for a fibre launch. $250/OBO

1x 1.5" Optical Reference flat. $50/OBO

1x 50mw damaged CNI RPL pointer. Produces IR light but no green, the crystals are still in 100% usable condition and would be good for a home-made DPSS unit. $50/OBO

CVI Lens. 1" DIA very short focal length. PO#G032973 $20/OBO

~25 Each Luxeon K2 Blue, Green, or White. $3 each.

I will accept offers of any of these Items. I have many more expensive objectives left so PM me if you are interested.