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Thread: QM32, Full Auto, Pheonix for sale

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    Default QM32, Full Auto, Pheonix for sale

    I have a handful of these old Pangolin QM32 cards for sale from intro to pro, they are the ISA cards so you have to run them on older machines, but I also have a bunch of shows that go along with them I will throw in as well. Some of them are in computers, at least 2 worked last time I used them, Some are in the old Thinkpad docking stations with the think pads, not sure how many still work, but probably worth it for the hard drives with the software and shows on them. Pangolin has a trade in deal or at least they did, to upgrade these to the QM2000.

    Make me an offer on them, or I would be willing to trade them for FB3's with quick show or beyond depending on the version of the card.

    I also have a USB version of Full Auto with dongle, a handful of Pheonix 4 pro plus USB DAC's with dongles and a bunch of ISHOW Dacs. Make offers.

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    That's what a 'stack overflow' is

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    Is the Full Auto on the full license or the Monthly License?

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    Which version of the iShow DAC? USB only (2.3) or Ethernet? (3.0)

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