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Thread: Pangolin Quickshow Software--good price.

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    china manufacturing gave the low end market access to build systems so they don,t need to buy a system. The demand of cheaper parts was high and now low since the low end market now buys a complete system rather then take the effort in building things because the sum of parts in usd is more then buying a complete system. The Low end market got huge because everyone can afford a system now and fights over every gig they can. They lower their prices wich means the money they make is not enough to make the jump to the higher power market.

    The average hobbyist will try to compete with his next door neighbour by offering more Power even though its way to much for a small venue. The competition now between china manufactures is who can deliver the most mw/usd wich will eventually lead to accidents. Every hobbyist that orders a china box will help the china manufactures to do things cheaper and more power. Its great to be able to buy a scanset for next to nothing but it also has downsides like the danger when power becomes so cheap.

    The "gap" between low end and high end will stay forever since the average hobbyist that owns a few 5W projectors doesn,t make enough on a saterday evening to buy a 30W. If a red 1 watt diode with good beamspecs come on the market Arctos, kvant and others stack more wich means power goes up in the high end but the chinese also can deliver more power. The eventguys don,t care if its dangerous or if its too much power they just rent who ever deliver the most mw. Eventually when more accidents happen regulations will come and then most hobbyists will not want to pay the license fee and then the low end market will be given back to the real companies that are registrated and do what is safe. Fingers crossed there will be a license with a safety course sooner then later because it is getting dangerous already.....

    The bennifit from "cheap" is a lower step in level to doing lasershows wich is great for everyone. But the huge downside is that it also will lead to more competition, lower prices and higher power wich eventually will cause accidents. Oh and buying from china will make you next door neighbour unemproyed when we all buy from china. To much disadvantages in my book. Pangolin came with the 506 but even if they are better and produced in the USA the hobbyist will buy an eightonlight because its cheaper and they need that because they don,t make enough on that saterday evening to buy the USA manufactured one......
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    - My QS ordered from Song in 2014, the FB3 include blue USB wire, then I ugraded the QS to Beyond and using QS-FB3 with Beyond now, but I can't see function problem.
    - My second FB3 from USA include gray USB wire and work perfectly also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flecom View Post
    you mean like QS/Beyond "expiring" and needing an update every 30 seconds? ...ok, ok maybe 30 seconds is a bit of an exaggeration, but it feels that way lol

    that being said it sucks that they are screwing it up for everyone, if it wasn't for the piracy pangolin wouldn't have to do things like the expiring releases which are annoying... why pirate a $500 box? (which lower dealer pricing available also)
    The profit margin in the $500 box is pretty high when they don't have the costs of paying to develop the software or hardware. The laser show scene is WAY bigger now, and lots of people are after software to run laser projectors for EDM events, or whatever. More market, larger.

    A lot of the music people are used to pirating various DAWs and plugins and stuff. There was just an incident where Kanye West posted a picture of something and his other browser tabs could be seen and it shows piracy of a deadmau5 involved plugin!

    I'm lazy and I only play with my lasers from time to time -- new shows won't open on my older Beyond and I don't think it's possible to keep two installs on one Windows install? One 2.0 and one 2.1 or whatever the version after 2.0 is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixedgas View Post
    I like fingerprint readers for security. Had them at my last job on any secure IP device. Wickedly hard to tamper with.

    All you need is the person's finger.... chop!

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    Hey telmnstr

    Two versions of Beyond will run fine on the same machine, they each version installs to different folders
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    Bill I was Googling Pangolin Beyond Universe to see if any one had posted any Universe starting points and this popped up.And figured you should know about it.

    Bruce Leonard

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    I'll look into that, but usually those sites are BS. In fact, they will just take your search term and make a link out of it to try to get you to follow, and the download link usually just leads to some .exe or .rar full of malware not related at all to the software you were trying to obtain, or a never ending loop of sites trying to get you to register for their service to harvest contact info

    Another hint that this isnt real, is that they call it "full" vs Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate.

    Look at the screenshot below-- I inserted "pangolin beyondtest" and it took my search query and made it look like a real download!

    Regardless, thanks for pointing this out! Anything like this found will certainly be investigated and we really appreciate the community helping us stay ahead of attempted piracy!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by telmnstr View Post
    *Nothing* can be done to stop piracy.
    Correct, but you can slow it down:

    Now, if Beyond was more affordable for people like me and you, that would be a better solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landlpro View Post
    Bill I was Googling Pangolin Beyond Universe to see if any one had posted any Universe starting points and this popped up.And figured you should know about it.
    Thanks for reporting this. I think it's a scam. There are web sites that kind of snoop Google searches and give fake answers. You can type "MomsGreatestSoftware Crack" and probably find a site offering a pirated version of this fictitious software... They lure you into downloading spyware or virus software onto your computer. I guess that's one way to teach people a lesson not to search for crack software...

    Quote Originally Posted by neobenedict View Post
    Now, if Beyond was more affordable for people like me and you, that would be a better solution.
    ------- RANT ALERT ------

    Yes, it's all our fault for charging too much...

    Guys: My financial advisor tells me that I can retire now. (I've made a few successful stock transactions...) I could close Pangolin, thereby ending Pangolin's involvement in the laser business. Any guesses as to what would happen? What other company is really pushing the industry forward?

    The other day I saw a thread on Facebook bemoaning that Pangolin essentially has no competition. Folks, over the past 30 years we've probably seen 30 competitors come into and go out of business, including the likes of Laser Images Lasarium -- arguably the company that started this whole thing, and New Method Lasers -- a company that offered a low-cost alternative to our Lasershow Designer for Windows software.

    Let's see...

    * Laser Media? Out of business.
    * Laser Images? Certainly no ChoregoGraphics software for the past 20 years.
    * LFI? Certainly out of the software business (originally had a Rainbow/Amiga system).
    * AVI? Originally created a very innovative hardware/software platform, but haven't done anything with it for probably 25 years...
    * Image Engineering (had a software system for the Mac)? Bankrupt, then purchased by AET who I suppose was mostly interested in the name and customer base. Nevertheless, out of the software business.
    * AURA Technologies LGRASS? Dead shortly after we released our software for the Amiga.
    * New Method? As I wrote above. Defunct in all respects.
    * LasCoNetwork? Out of business, but then source code sold to a half dozen others which are certainly not major players.
    * I'm sure I am forgetting many that crop up for a few years, and then fade away...

    Some of these companies had 40 employees in the hay-days. Laser Media had 125 employees in three offices! Now?

    The reason Pangolin has remained in business is because we offer a good product at a fair price. And oh-by-the-way -- software updates are free for the life of the product (15 years on average). You pay us once, and enter into a relationship that lasts for 15 years, over the course of which we are continually adding value to your purchase. I know of no other company or product on earth that offers such a thing. Our competitors go out of business because they can't do the same thing, and also can't manage all the aspects of keeping a business alive.

    As far as I'm concerned, if you can't afford BEYOND then you simply don't need it. BEYOND is for professionals, and the word "professional" basically means you earn money by operating in your profession. If you are a professional, then you purchase tools that allow you to operate in that profession. This is true in carpentry, medicine and hairdressing as much as it is in the laser business...

    Best regards,

    William Benner

    PS: Many PL members have received BEYOND for free, or at greatly discounted prices. The other day Justin and I calculated that we have donated more than $250K worth of laser gear to the folks on PL. This includes not only software, but hardware, lenses, etc... So if someone can't afford BEYOND and wants it, an alternative is to contact us and strike up a conversation and see where it goes. For many folks on PL, the conversation has gone well... We basically work out some kind of trade deal or work exchange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pangolin View Post
    ......we've probably seen 30 competitors come into and go out of business, including the likes of Laser Images Lasarium..
    ..Wait.. we're out of Business? Dang it, I better get to the Refunds!

    .and I don't think 'ChoreoGraphics' was ever intended for a 'mass-market', it was (mostly) Internal / Installation-use - and, even then, Only-for those Venues that had either a Full-time LII-trained Laserist, or at the very-least, a well-astute 'in-house' Op (and, there were-some..) so.. Not really an 'apples-apples' example, methinks, since it can't really be fairly-said to be 'out of the Game', if you never Entered it, to begin with.. But, I am sure my 'LasElders' will correct me if I'm wrong on this account (..and CG really was slated / trying to be a 'competitor' vs LD2K, et al...)

    ..Anyhoo, Point well-made, and certainly Pango has dominated the 'mass market' / been Generous with show-art / frames, and such, and created some innovative products... Eager to gallop those Saturns out to pasture, 'one of these days'...

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    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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