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Thread: What would you use to make a ultra low divergence IR laser?

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    Default What would you use to make a ultra low divergence IR laser?

    Seeking laser diode guru's for newbie question:

    I'm trying to find the lowest possible divergence IR diode in the 800-1500nm range, can someone please point me towards the highest power single mode diode obtainable for 200 dollars or less in that range of spectrum? Prefer 1500nm but I don't think I will find one of those very easily at a good price with enough power, 1064 is my next best wavelength of choice if I can find one at several hundred milliwatts which is single mode, after that close to 800nm. My understanding is single mode diodes are the way to go for minimum divergence.

    Ideally, I'm looking for a 1064nm at one watt in a 9mm package for mounting in an Aixiz module but I don't think single mode diodes exist at that power level for that wavelength in that kind of physical configuration, or as a small round button diode I can fit in a 12mm module.

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