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    Default Unorthodox show (with Mamba Black?)

    Hello again everybody,
    I just ordered Mamba Black w/ Easylase DAC for my DT-40 Pros w/ 1-watt projector I'm piecing together. So far, so good, but my question doesn't actually have to do with the laser projector itself, but Mamba Black and Easylase control. They aren't here yet so I don't know Mamba Black's potential.

    Ok, so I'm making a hobbyist lightshow, just for myself to see if I can do it. Of course the main article is the laser, but I also want to control strobe lights and spotlights. They're simple enough, activated by simple 5-24v DC input relays, and I was going to have them controlled using Cakewalk Studio via midi, having them go to a microprocessor that basically flips the relays using a serial hub... but my problem is that I don't like using two programs for the same show when both are supposed to run at the same time. Obviously, cakewalk can't run the projector, but can mamba black output EXTRA info that i can program on a different track, and output either directly to a DB16 RS232 control board, or to a microprocessor I can program to process arbitrary data? Is DMX a possibility here? Maybe I can program the microprocessor to read DMX signals? Or is there some other way to do this, maybe making my own .ild files that can be interpreted by the microprocessor? I plan on having 10 switched lights of various sorts. Is this even feasible with Mamba Black and Easylase, or do I have to stick to my midi-output idea and just press both 'start' buttons at once? Essentially, I just want to have 10 TTL outputs controlled by Mamba Black while it's still doing its thing with the regular projector.

    I wish I knew more about the standards and such, both ILDA and DMX, as well as how Mamba outputs to separate projectors; I feel like that kind of information would be useful right now.
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    the simple answer in no.
    You may be able to fool mamba somehow to interface to some external electronics but you would probably have to build this yourself. One thought is that with easylase you still have the opportunity of outputing to a parallel port. You could have a device that gets data from the pp output - which you can do by assigning a different projector to a track and have it interpret the signals to do the control you want. I think it will be messy and using pp tend to slow the whole thing down. off the top of my head its all i caan think of right now


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    doesn't mamba have dmx compatibility?
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    No, it does not.

    But in live-mode you can slave it to midi, this is the only way to interface with mamba.

    There are CF-cards players available, dmx in, ilda out.
    Medialas has the hotboard2, jm-laser has one too.
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    Well, how about this. Mamba Black comes with customizable midi control, where you can essentially assign a key to start or stop the show (among other things, like effects). I guess what I could do is organize the lasershow in Mamba, and trigger the lighting effects using Cakewalk and a midi interface, but before I start the effects I output a trigger note onto an internal midi channel (using cakewalk) to start Mamba Black. Then both can run simultaneously.

    Sound reasonable?
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