Hi, all my good friend,

A good news is that the steady 520nm and 462nm full LD RGB laser light is sell hot now.
For the full LD RGB laser , it have too much advantage to the normal 532nm RGB laser. And what is the advantge of the full LD diode?
OK,there are many advantage for it.And the best advantage is as follows:

1. The real life is 10000 hours, 15 months or more than DPSS. 2. Small size, but high power, one driver board can be for 3 diode , save more space. 3. Working temperate is :-10-+40, and DPSS is: +10-+35 degree, can work in very hot and very cold environment. 4. Better linear function than DPSS, less heat, smaller size 5. The size is not round, close to red and blue, can make better graphic show. 6. Power Consumption is less, heat is less, smaller space,save shipping cost,easy to carry!

Actually, many people prefer to use a high quality and steady laser light in a low price.
It is so cool that our full LD RGB laser is good for your option, my good friend.

And it is my pleasure to send you the newest laser light price list with the full LD RGB laser light when you do me a favour to send me a email.

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