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Thread: Laserscope 804 with dual output 1064 and 532

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    Default Laserscope 804 with dual output 1064 and 532

    I have a working Z fold 804? for free- just come and get it. It is in Colleyville Texas near DFW airport. No shipping- Come and get it and it is yours!! FREE!!! It has a new maintenance kit I put on it about 5 years ago- new lamp, new gold DI filter and new regular water filter. Has been in climate controlled indoor dust free storage since- have no fired it up since- no more outlet available for testing. Since things of this power can now fit in your hands, I have not messed with this one and it needs a new home if anyone wants the beast. I even have the original quick start guide and schematics on disc. It is not converted- all original, never been used for light shows.

    Update: The laser has a new home and is no longer available
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