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Thread: 500mW 520nm 9mm diode Nichia - Same as DTR 700mW?

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    Default 500mW 520nm 9mm diode Nichia - Same as DTR 700mW?

    I see that there are offered 500mW 9MM 520nm diodes on both amazon and Aliexpress. Is this a new diode, or just a "not up to spec" diode from Nichia? So far the pricetag is along 270USD a pop.

    DTR is carrying both the 1W and 700mW version. DTR prices for the 700mW is still a better deal, and hopefully this is an indication of a family of green diodes growing.

    If the 500mW actually is a new diode, I hope someone have tested it and that the beamprofile is similar or better than the larger 700-1000mW diodes.

    Any experience - please dial inn the results!
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    The 500mW has been around as long as the 700mW I just never bothered with them as their is not much price difference in bulk compared to the 700mW. I actually think the 500mW was the first then they added the 700mW and the 1W. For a long time these diodes were being made but due to Nichias policy they were not getting out in the wild where we could buy them. Only being supplied to large companies or labs that have passed Nichia's sniff test.

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